Communicating Maintenance and Repair Schedules to Tenants

Maintenance and repair requirements of a rental property can be overwhelming if not managed effectively. Property owners should plan ahead to budget for repairs and preventive maintenance. They also need to communicate maintenance and repair schedules to their tenants, so that they are aware of any upcoming work that needs to be done.

What is Planned Maintenance and Repair?

Planned maintenance and repair of rented properties are the regular services that need to be performed in order to ensure the safety and comfort of its occupants. This may include such tasks as replacing old windows or roofs, repairing plumbing systems, inspecting fire alarms, painting interiors, or cleaning HVAC systems. Property owners are responsible for providing these services in a timely manner so that tenants feel secure in their homes and any repairs are kept up-to-date.

Why Communicate Maintenance and Repair Schedules?

It is important to communicate maintenance and repair schedules to tenants so that they can expect upcoming work to be done. This way, they can budget for repairs and make preparations for any additional repairs or maintenance that may be necessary. Some tenants may need to relocate for a short time, so it is important to let them know in advance. Effective communication will also help tenants feel comfortable that their property is being taken care of.

How to Communicate Maintenance and Repair Schedules?

There are several ways to communicate maintenance and repair schedules to tenants. Each strategy will depend on the needs of the property owner and the type of work involved. Here are a few of the most common methods.

Verbal Communication

The simplest way to communicate maintenance and repair schedules to tenants is through verbal communication. Property owners can explain any upcoming work that needs to be done during tenant visits or through phone conversations. Verbal communication allows for any questions or concerns to be addressed right away.

Email and Texts

Email and text messages are also great for quickly communicating planned maintenance and repair schedules. Property owners can notify tenants of upcoming work with an email, text message, or even a postcard. This is especially useful for short-term repairs that may not need verbal communication.

In-Person Notices

In-person notices are also a great way to get tenants up-to-date on planned maintenance and repairs. Posting notices around the property, like in the apartment building lobby or hallways, can inform tenants of upcoming work.

Rental Agreement

Every rental agreement should include details on the responsibilities of both tenants and the property owners when it comes to maintenance and repairs. This helps tenants understand what repairs and maintenance must be done, and when.

What to Include in Communications?

When communicating maintenance and repair schedules to tenants, it is important to include the following details:

  • Description of the service or repair being done
  • Date and time of service or repair
  • Contact information if additional information is needed
  • Cost of service or repair
  • Reason for service or repair
  • Instructions for tenants during service or repair
  • Any additional costs associated with the service or repair

Tips for Communicating Maintenance and Repair Schedules

To ensure successful communication with tenants, property owners should:

  • Always follow through with previously agreed upon maintenance and repairs.
  • Provide a clear description of the service or repair in communication materials.
  • Inform tenants in a timely manner of any changes or delays in services or repair.
  • Provide any additional information tenants may need, such as when they can expect the work or any special instructions.
  • Share contact information for tenants to call with any questions.
  • Be sure to explain the reason for the service or repair and any costs that may be incurred.
  • Follow up with tenants after repairs are completed to ensure everything is satisfactory.


Effective communication is key when it comes to communicating maintenance and repair schedules to tenants. Property owners should provide detailed information about upcoming work and stay in contact with tenants throughout the process. Taking measures to effectively communicate maintenance and repair schedules to tenants will ensure that tenants understand and accept the work that needs to be done in a timely manner, allowing them to budget for any necessary repairs and continue to feel comfortable in their rental property.

What are some tips for effectively communicating maintenance and repair schedules to tenants?

1. Make sure all tenants are aware of the maintenance and repair schedule upfront. Clearly communicate any changes to the schedule to keep them informed.

2. Have a system for tenants to submit complaints or requests for repairs and maintenance. This can be done via an online form, telephone, or email.

3. Provide tenants with contact information for maintenance staff in case of emergency.

4. Send regular reminders about upcoming maintenance and repair schedules so tenants can plan ahead.

5. Post a list of rules and regulations in common areas, such as lobbies and laundry rooms, to remind tenants of the schedule.

6. Create an online platform or use social media to keep tenants informed.

7. Share photos of completed repair and maintenance work to reassure tenants that their requests are being taken care of.

What methods can I use to inform tenants of maintenance and repair schedules?

1. Post update in the building’s common area.

2. Send an email or text message to all tenants.

3. Schedule a time for discussion at the property’s regular meetings.

4.Use property management software to keep tenants apprised of maintenance and repair schedules.

5. Post notices in the property’s entryway.

6. Utilize tenant portals to communicate maintenance updates.

7. Host a property tour or open house to explain maintenance and repair schedules.

8. Utilize social media to spread awareness.

What methods should landlords use to communicate with tenants about maintenance and repairs?

1. Email: Landlords can use emails to communicate details about maintenance and repairs to their tenants.

2. Text Messages: Texting is a great way for landlords to communicate quickly and easily with tenants.

3. Phone Calls: From time to time, landlords may need to contact tenants via phone in order to provide more detail about maintenance and repair needs.

4. Letters or Postcards: Landlords may consider sending letters or postcards to tenants to inform them of upcoming maintenance or repair requests.

5. In-Person Meetings: Meeting with tenants in-person is another way landlords can communicate maintenance and repair requests to their tenants.

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