How Smart Home Technology Can Increase Property Value

Smart home technology, or the Internet of Things, is the wave of the future. Whether you’re a homeowner or an investor remolding, smart home technology can help you reap some major rewards. From convenience to improved security to increased property value, it’s a technology worth investing in for any homeowner or landlord. Here’s a look at how installing smart home tech can benefit your wallet.

What Is Smart Home Technology?

Before investing in this type of technology, it’s important to understand what it is. Smart home technology, also called the Internet of Things (IoT), uses the internet and wireless networks to connect physical objects so you can control them from a central app on your smartphone.

Anything from your locks to your thermostat to your lightbulbs can be connected and controlled, which gives you a lot more convenience. The main downside is that it can be costly to install, so it’s important to weigh the potential long-term benefits against the cost of installation before you purchase.

Benefits of Smart Home Technology

Investing in smart home technology can reap many rewards, including improved convenience, security, and, most of all, increased property value.


Smart home technology offers a major convenience boost for your home, as you can control everything from your lights to your locks to your thermostat from a central app on your smartphone. You can also set up automated triggers to help save energy, like having your lights turn off when no one is in the house.


The increased security of smart home technology is one of the primary benefits. You can control who has access to your house, monitor who’s coming and going, and even set up automated locks that will lock the house after a certain time.

Increased Property Value

Perhaps the most important benefit of smart home tech is increased property value. According to the National Association of Realtors, homes with smart home technology installed sell significantly faster and for a higher price than homes without it.

5 Smart Home Devices That Can Increase Your Property Value

Here’s a look at five of the most popular smart home devices that can help you maximize your home’s value:

  • Smart Security Cameras
  • Smart Locks
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Smart Light Bulbs
  • Smart Sprinkler Systems

Smart Security Cameras

Smart security cameras are one of the most popular pieces of smart home tech. Investing in a quality system with several cameras can help protect your home and increase your peace of mind. Plus, it’s a major draw for potential buyers.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are a must for any home with smart home tech. They allow for convenient access control, so you can determine who’s able to get into your home. You can also set up automated locks that lock the door after a certain time or when you’re away from home.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats allow you to control the temperature in your home from your smartphone. They come with a variety of features to help make your home more energy efficient and cost-effective, which can save you money in the long run.

Smart Light Bulbs

Smart light bulbs are the perfect addition to any smart home. You can set up automated lights that turn on and off depending on your preferences, set up a variety of “scenes” to make your home more comfortable, and even change the light’s colors.

Smart Sprinkler Systems

Smart sprinkler systems are one of the newer pieces of smart home tech, but the same principles apply: they allow you to control and monitor your home’s sprinklers with your smartphone. Smart sprinkler systems offer automated characteristics and can even help you save money in the long-term.


Smart home technology can provide a range of benefits for homeowners and investors, from added convenience to improved security to increased property value. Investing in a few key pieces of smart home tech can be a great way to add value to your home and see a significant return on your investment.

So, why not take a look at how Smart Home Technology can help you Increase Your Property Value? From improved security to convenience and increased property value, it’s an investment worth making.

Q: What are some common smart home technologies?

Common smart home technologies include:

1. Voice-activated assistants (e.g. Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit)

2. Smart thermostat technology (e.g. Nest, ecobee)

3. Smart light switch technology (e.g. Phillips Hue, Lutron)

4. Home security systems (e.g. Nest, SimpliSafe, ADT)

5. Smart sprinkler systems (e.g. Rachio, Skydrop)

6. Connected appliance technology (e.g. Samsung SmartThings, Whirlpool)

7. Home automation platforms (e.g. IFTTT, Wink)

8. Connected cameras and doorbells (e.g. Ring, Arlo)

Q: What are the benefits of having a smart home?

A: The benefits of having a smart home include increased convenience, improved energy efficiency, improved security, automation, and adaptability to lifestyle changes. With a smart home, you can control your lights, temperature, security, and appliances through a smartphone, tablet, or voice command device. This allows you to save time and money on utilities, as well as reducing energy costs. You can also set automated schedules for any device, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn something off when you leave the house. Additionally, smart home technology often includes an increase in security measures such as door locks and surveillance systems. Finally, a smart home is able to adapt to lifestyle changes, such as new owners, by allowing the system to be upgraded or adjusted as needed.

Q: How difficult is it to set up a smart home?

Setting up a smart home can take some time and effort, depending on the type of equipment you have and the size of the home. It can also be difficult to configure certain aspects to your ideal settings if you’re not familiar with the technology. However, most smart home systems come with easy to follow instructions and often have customer support available in case you need additional help.

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