How to Create a Virtual Tour for Your Rental Property

Creating a virtual tour for your rental property is a great way to attract prospective renters. By taking potential tenants on a virtual walk-through, you’ll be able to easily showcase the different amenities, features, and other details about the property. While you don’t need to create a full-blown video, this article will provide the essential steps for creating an effective virtual tour of your rental property.

Steps for Creating the Virtual Tour

1. Take Photos: First and foremost, you’ll need to take pictures of the entire rental property. Try to get images from a variety of angles, including interior shots and exterior shots. If needed, you can also enlist the help of a professional photographer. This will help ensure that you have high-quality images for your tour.

2. Build a Story: When creating the virtual tour, think of it as a story that you’re trying to tell. Begin your story by introducing the rental property, providing potential renters with an overall view of the property. Then work your way inside, visiting each room, and providing details about the amenities and features.

3. Include Essential Information: Make sure to include details like square footage, pet policy, rules, rental application process, parking, and more. This will help potential renters gain an in-depth understanding of the rental property when viewing the virtual tour.

4. Use Narration: As you prepare each video clip, it’s a good idea to articulate and narrate the details about the property. For voiceover narration, you can either record your own voice or hire a professional to do the job.

5. Make it Interactive: Website applications, such as Java, Flash, HTML5, etc., can easily make the virtual tour interactive. Try to incorporate interactive elements that add to the overall user experience.

Tips for Creating an Effective Virtual Tour

Creating an effective virtual tour for your rental property requires more than just taking pictures and providing narration. Here are some tips for creating an effective virtual tour:

• Allow potential renters to move between locations within the tour.
• Show them rooms with various angles, including floor plans and wide shots.
• Include captions, titles, and other labels that add to the virtual tour.
• Keep the videos short and concise. Aim for videos that are no longer than five minutes.
• Make sure to include information about specific condo associations, HOAs, and any other rules or regulations.
• Don’t forget to include videos, photos, and other content that explain the location of the property.

Where to Share

Once you have created the virtual tour, it’s time to share it with potential renters. Here are some of the best places to share and promote your virtual tour:

• Website – Include the virtual tour on the website for your rental property.
• Social media – Share the virtual tour on all of your social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
• YouTube – Post the tour on YouTube so that potential renters can easily view it.
• Craigslist and other listing sites – Make sure to include the link to the virtual tour in all of your listings.


Creating a virtual tour for your rental property is a great way to attract potential renters and showcase the property in its best light. By following the steps outlined above, you’ll be able to create an effective virtual tour for your rental property. And, with the help of the tips and tricks mentioned, you’ll be sure to create a tour that will make potential renters look twice.

What are some tips for creating a virtual tour for a rental property?

1. Take clear, high-quality photos or videos of the entire rental property from various angles. Make sure to include all rooms, living areas, and outdoor spaces.

2. Have voice narration or captions for each slide, tour, or video segment. This will help potential renters visualize what the property has to offer.

3. Create interactive maps of the property, highlighting key areas and giving viewers a comprehensive overview.

4. Use 360-degree or 3D renderings to give viewers a better understanding of the layout.

5. Make sure the tour is mobile friendly. Potential renters will want to be able to access the tour from their smartphones.

6. Offer virtual meeting options for potential renters, such as video calls or a chat feature.

7. Add contact information to the tour for easier communication with potential renters.

8. Post the tour on your website, social media channels, and rental listing platforms. This will help increase visibility and reach a larger audience.

What software is needed to create a virtual tour for a rental property?

The most popular and effective software used to create a virtual tour for a rental property is iGUIDE. This software is designed specifically for real estate agents and property managers who need to showcase their rental units and properties. It allows users to take 360-degree panoramic photographs and videos and then use the iGuide website to build a virtual tour of the property. Other specialized software that can be used for this purpose includes Matterport, Zillow 3D Home, and EyeSpy 360.

What platform is best for creating a virtual tour for a rental property?

The two most popular platforms for creating virtual tours for rental properties are Matterport and Google Street View. Matterport is the more popular choice, as it offers a 3D immersive experience for viewers. It is intuitive and easy to use, and can be quite affordable. Google Street View also has a great virtual tour experience, but is more limited in its customizability and options.

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