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How to Highlight Curb Appeal During Property Viewings

It’s very important to provide potential buyers with a good first impression of a home, as their initial opinion will generally determine the final outcome of a sale. Curb appeal can significantly help to draw the interest of a potential buyer. With that in mind, it pays to know the best ways to maximize curb appeal during a property viewing. Here are some tips on how to highlight the curb appeal of a property during viewings.

Plan Ahead and Make Small Changes

The first step is to take the time to plan ahead as to how you’re going to showcase the property. Take a walk around the outside of the home and make note of any small changes that you can make to draw attention to the curb appeal. These simple changes may include small landscaping tasks such as trimming plants and trees, edging the lawn, or power washing driveways and walkways.

Give the Front Door Some Attention

The entrance to the home can make a good or bad impression, so make sure that it looks inviting. Consider repainting or replacing the door, as a bright, polished one can instantly create a more positive impression. And don’t forget to line up the doorway with a few potted plants either side. Nothing says “this is a lovely home” like a bunch of beautiful plants.

Get the Lighting Right

Lighting can make or break a property viewing. Wash the outdoor lighting fixtures to make sure they look bright and attractive. Try to get an even balance of light to highlight the best features of the front and back garden or yard.

Improve Curb Appeal With Some Accessories

It’s easy to boost the aesthetic appeal of any yard or garden with a few simple accessories. A porch swing or set of patio furniture will instantly enhance the curb appeal of a property. You can also add some window boxes of colorful flowers or personalized signage to the entrance.

De-Clutter the Property Viewing

Nothing turns off potential buyers like an overly-cluttered outside space. Make sure to tidy up the yard. Put away any tools or equipment, and be sure to collect any outdoor toys that may be lying around.

Keep It Clean

A thorough cleaning of the outside areas is a must. This includes tidying up any garden furniture, sweeping static pathways, and clearing away any debris.

Pay Attention to the Details

Touch up any paintwork where necessary and repair any cracks in the sidewalk. Replace any broken fencing or decking. And finally, remove any weeds growing in the flower beds.

Let the Masses In

Advertise the property through social media, websites, newspapers, and local property agents. This will help to create an impression of a property that’s in high demand.

Seal the Deal With the Perfect Property Note

Finally, provide a personalized welcome note to every prospective buyer that visits the property – making sure to include an invitation to visit the garden, porch, or balcony. This will create an added layer of warmth and suggest that the home would be perfect for spending time with loved ones.


Highlighting the curb appeal of a property can be a great way to attract new buyers. With the right strategies, you can easily create a property viewing experience that showcases the property’s best features and helps to make a lasting impression. By following the tips outlined above, you can be sure that your property viewings will be a success.

What are some tips to make a house look appealing when showing it to potential buyers?

1. Declutter every room: Clean and organize the space so it looks neat and spacious.

2. Add a fresh coat of paint: Try a neutral palette to make the space look inviting.

3. Style the furniture: Add a few accent pieces to make the rooms more inviting.

4. Have great lighting: Increase the natural light in all rooms, and add good quality lighting fixtures.

5. Show off the outdoors: Make sure the outside of the home looks neat and inviting, with well-maintained landscaping and outdoor furniture.

6. Boost the curb appeal: Enhance the entryway with a fresh coat of paint on the front door and new house numbers.

7. Deep clean: Take extra care to make sure the house is squeaky clean before showing it to potential buyers.

8. Enhance the scent: Make the house smell inviting by introducing a subtle scent through fragrant candles, air fresheners, or flowers.

What should be done to prepare a house for showing to potential buyers?

1. Declutter and depersonalize by removing family photos and other items that reflect your lifestyle.

2. Clean and freshen up all areas of the house, including carpets, windows, floors, walls, etc.

3. Give the home a neutral look by painting or updating wall colors to soft, welcoming shades.

4. Make all necessary repairs, like fixing peeling paint, a leaking faucet, or other minor repairs.

5. Invest in some fresh, neutral-colored bedding and towels for any bedrooms that will be shown.

6. Add a few accessories to bring life to the home such as a vase of fresh flowers, potted plants, or an area rug.

7. Open up all the windows to allow natural sunlight and a fresh breeze into the house.

8. Turn on all the lights in the home to make it feel more inviting and spacious.

9. Setting a comfortable temperature before buyer showings.

10. Allow access to exterior areas of the house to show the outdoor living space, decks, balconies, etc.

What steps can be taken to stage a house for prospective buyers?

1. Clean and declutter: Remove furniture and personal items. Cleaning and decluttering will give buyers an idea of the space and how they can use it.

2. Neutralize the décor: Neutral décor allows prospective buyers to easily visualize their potential new home.

3. Enhance curb appeal: Make landscaping improvements, repaint the exterior if needed, and replace outdated exterior lighting fixtures.

4. Lighten and brighten: Increase the amount of natural light in the home by opening curtains, repainting dark walls a lighter color, and adding additional lighting.

5. Showcase its best features: Highlight the home’s best features like built-in shelves, fireplaces, and outdoor living spaces.

6. Set the stage: Arrange furniture in conversational groups and use staged pieces to fill vacant rooms to give buyers a sense of the home’s potential.

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