Improving Tenant Communication with Property Management Software

Communicating with tenants is a major role of property managers and landlords. While many tasks and forms of communication can be handled via traditional means, such as post, email, and personal visits, the current coronavirus pandemic has shifted priorities and caused many to seek digital solutions. Property management software offers a perfect platform for improving tenant communication.

Benefits Of Using Property Management Software For Tenant Communication

Property management software offers a number of advantages over traditional methods when it comes to tenant communication. A few of the key benefits of using a property management software platform include:

  • Increased Efficiency: Property management software can streamline tenant communication. By using automated emails and text messages, as well as features such as resident portals, tenants can receive real-time updates on their rental status and property issues. This can result in improved response times and more effective communication.
  • Consistent Documentation: Because all tenant communication is stored on a property management software platform, it is easily accessible for both tenant and management. This eliminates the need to search through filing cabinets or email inboxes for records and assists with documenting communication in a consistent manner.
  • Improved Engagement: Property management software can also help to improve tenant engagement. With a range of tools and features available, such as online surveys, comment boards, and photo galleries, tenants can easily stay connected and informed about their rental property.
  • Professionalization of Tenant Communication: Property management software can help property managers to professionalize tenant communication. By using branded templates to send emails, texts, and letters, as well as utilizing digital signatures, managers can ensure all communication is presented in a professional manner.
  • Comprehensive Information: With property management software, all tenant and property information is stored in one centralized location. This makes it easy for managers to quickly access and review information such as rental and utility payments, lease agreements, and contact information.

Property Management Software Features for Tenant Communication

Property management software is designed to assist property managers and landlords with a wide range of activities, including tenant communication. The following are some key features included in most property management software packages that will help improve tenant communication:

  • Online Event Calendar: The online event calendar allows tenants to easily view important upcoming events, such as rent due dates, maintenance inspections, and lease renewal reminders. This helps tenants plan ahead and stay up to date on all rental property activities.
  • Email and Text Messaging: Property management software should include built-in email and text messaging services in order to communicate with tenants quickly and efficiently. These tools help ensure all important messages are sent and that tenants are kept in the loop about rental issues and updates.
  • Online Payment Processing: Online payment processing is essential for tenant communication, as it allows tenants to easily submit payments and view payment history. Property management software can also alert tenants when rent is due or late, ensuring payments are received on time.
  • Resident Portal: A resident portal provides tenants with secure access to important information related to their unit, such as rental agreements, maintenance requests, and utility payments. This helps streamline communication between tenants and management, and ensures tenants can quickly and easily access all necessary documents related to their rental property.
  • Maintenance Tracking System: A robust maintenance tracking system is essential for any property management software package. This tool helps property managers and landlords keep track of all maintenance requests, as well as the progress of each request. This allows managers to quickly respond to tenant inquiries and ensure efficient communication between tenants and maintenance staff.

Tools Boost Property Managers’ Ability to Handle Tenant Communication

With the right property management software, property managers and landlords can effectively handle tenant communication. A comprehensive suite of features and tools can assist managers in streamlining the process, improving tenant engagement, and ensuring all necessary documents are maintained in a secure and organized manner.


Property management software offers a range of benefits for improving tenant communication. With automated emails, text messaging, and online payment processing, property managers can quickly and effectively communicate with tenants and maintain records in one centralized location. Furthermore, robust maintenance tracking systems and resident portals help ensure a smooth process for all rental property activities. Improving tenant communication with property management software can be an invaluable asset for any property manager or landlord.

What are the benefits of using property management software for tenant communication?

1. Increased Efficiency: Property management software allows you to streamline tasks related to tenant communication, enabling faster response times. Automated features allow you to send out notifications, reminders, and updates to tenants quickly and efficiently.

2. Cost Savings: By automating communication tasks, you can save time as well as money. Property management software eliminates the need for manual labor costs associated with tracking tenant requests, responding to messages, and managing maintenance calls.

3. Professionalism: Property management software enables you to manage communications and tenant requests professionally. It can also help you maintain a professional reputation in the community.

4. Improved Communication: Property management software offers tenants an easy-to-use dashboard, which can be accessed via an online platform. This allows tenants to quickly access information and send messages to their landlords within moments of need.

5. Consistency: Property management software allows landlords to create and implement predetermined procedures for handling tenant communication. This ensures that landlords can provide consistent and professional responses to each tenant’s requests.

Q: What type of communication features are included in property management software?

A: Property management software typically includes features such as automatic email and text alerts for rent due dates, messaging between tenants and landlords, document storage with electronically-signed leases, and tenant and owner portals for online payments. Other features might include tenant screening services, financial reporting, and online maintenance requests.

Q: Does property management software provide communication to tenants?

Yes, property management software can provide communication to tenants. Depending on the software chosen, features such as automated emails, tenant portals, and in-app messaging can be included. The automated emails can provide reminders for rent and invoice payments, notifications for new policies and procedures, and more. Tenant portals can provide tenants with secure access to their account information, payment options, and more. In-app messaging can allow tenants to quickly and easily ask questions of their property managers.

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