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Innovative Property Marketing Strategies with Technology

Going crazy over what to do to showcase your real estate property and get those high-end, cash ready buyers? Technology is the answer! Here we bring you some innovative property marketing strategies with technology, which are guaranteed to up your clients and profits.

Why Technology Matters Now for Property Marketing

The world is becoming increasingly reliant on digital systems to facilitate business dealings. Where there was once a full-fledged and huge team of salespeople and brokers, now there is one dynamic slim-knit group who rely heavily on technology. This team is now able to track trends, monitor changes in the market, and of course present properties with efficiency and accuracy.

Make no mistake, real estate boils down to the ability to showcase what you have. Unless you have a real estate marketing powerhouse on your side, do not expect your sponsors or customers to know anything about your properties.

So, How Do I Get Started?

You still need to have a little bit of knowledge about marketing nevertheless, to do this job with the highest level of efficiency. You should aim to hire some web and digital marketing experts so they can be your backbone when you carry out the property marketing.

Want Some Pointers? Here You Go:

  • Spread the Word: Make sure people can easily access your properties online. Upload your properties to as many real estate portals as possible. Contact your old customers, as well as prospective ones, through email campaigns, newsletters, etc.
  • Social Media Engagement: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all great channels to reach out to those who may have an interest in your rental or sales property. Keep posting regularly, and make sure to target the right demographics.
  • Viral Videos: Try to create short clips, which will get your message out quickly. Videos are mainly used in campaigns, targeting people who don’t have the time to go through piles of information sitting in an office desk.
  • Press Releases: PRs are quite effective ways to get your message out, and can be used to target the right media persona. Contact local and national newspapers, as well as broadcast channels to deploy your message.
  • Websites: Get a website for your business and post information about your properties, services, and special packages that you have available. You should aim to feature images, videos, and detailed info about your featured property.
  • Blog Posts: Writing regular blog posts is a nice way to let prospective customers get to know more about you, your services, and of course your property.
  • Analytics: Track the performance of all your marketing activities by using analytics, which is also used to determine who might be interested in your property.
  • SEO: Get your website to the top of rankings by using reliable SEO services. Try to ensure your content is picked up by the right people by creating an effective keyword strategy.
  • Geo Targeting: Use geo-tracking techniques to target customers geographically. Use devices like Google Maps to target customers in any city, country, or even continent!
  • Analyze Your Results: Make sure to track the performance of each activity. Analyze the site traffic, clicks, leads, and any other data points related to the success of your activities. This will help you tweak your strategies, as needed.

A few Best Practices

To ensure your marketing strategies are as effective as possible, make sure to practice the following:

  • Keep your presentation professional and simple.
  • Offer a variety of payment options, such as cash, installments, and EMI.
  • Make sure to respond to inquiries and questions quickly.
  • Have a clear sales plan with defined goals and objectives.
  • Follow up with potential customers.
  • Track the customer’s journey.


All in all, marketing strategies for real estate properties should be properly planned and implemented in order to draw in customers and create a loyal fan base. By combining traditional and digital marketing strategies, you can create a powerful strategy that will make your property stand out from the competition. Additionally, by utilizing technology such as SEO, geo-targeting, and analytics, you can easily monitor the success of your campaigns and make any necessary adjustments or improvements.

What are some examples of innovative property marketing strategies using technology?

1. Augmented Reality (AR) Tours: Utilize AR to provide prospective tenants/buyers virtual walkthroughs of properties with full 3D renderings.

2. Virtual Open Houses: Prospective tenants can view properties in person or in virtual reality, eliminating the need for a physical open house.

3. Social Media Promotions: Take advantage of the growing population spending more time on social media by engaging with potential tenants/buyers through your own social media accounts.

4. Automated Follow-Up System: Utilize automated customer relationship management (CRM) software to ensure timely follow-up with every prospect.

5. Connected IoT Devices: Equip properties with connected devices such as motion sensors or thermostats to make them more attractive to potential tenants/buyers.

6. AI Chatbots: Use AI chatbots to respond to enquiries quickly and efficiently. They can provide detailed information about the property, including potential discounts and even bookings for prospective viewings.

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