The Importance of Regular Tenant Appreciation Gestures

The appreciation for tenants doesn’t usually have to be verbalised but even simple gestures of appreciation go a long way. For landlords and property managers, expressing appreciation to tenants can make all the difference in their relationship. That’s why it’s important to implement regular tenant appreciation gestures and initiatives, which can strengthen the relationship and overall tenant satisfaction.

Reasons For Tenant Appreciation

There is a number of reasons why landlord and property managers should strive to practice regular tenant appreciation gestures – some of the most significant are:

  • It creates a positive relationship
  • It shows your tenants you value them
  • It builds trust and respect
  • It can contribute to successful tenancy
  • It can increase tenant satisfaction and satisfaction.

Types of Tenant Appreciation

There are several different kinds of tenant appreciation initiatives you can utilise to strengthen your relationship with tenants, such as:

  • Regular Communication: Regularly communicating with your tenants in a professional manner shows them that you recognise and value their needs and concerns.
  • Flexibility: Showing flexibility in response to what your tenants require from you is a sure-fire way to keep them satisfied.
  • Gifts and Perks: Gifts, perks and discounts are great ways to make tenants feel appreciated.
  • Greeting Cards: Sending out greeting cards on holidays and other special occasions is an excellent way to show tenant appreciation.
  • Online Platform: Using technology like our Rental Property App can give tenants access to a wealth of resources, such as online rent payment, lease agreements and more.

The Benefits of Tenant Appreciation

Tenant appreciation gestures come with a number of benefits for both the landlord and property managers and the tenants, some of which are:

  • It can improve landlord/ property manager-tenant relationships
  • It can help to increase rental payments
  • It can boost morale and productivity for tenants
  • It can increase tenant loyalty
  • It can contribute to improved tenant performance
  • It can lead to more referrals

How to Show Tenant Appreciation?

Landlords and property managers should strive to show tenant appreciation in the following ways:

  • Be responsive to their needs and concerns
  • Listen more than you talk
  • Be courteous and polite
  • Maintain the property and keep it clean
  • Generously give discounts or gifts for special occasions
  • Respect tenants privacy
  • Be available for emergency situations
  • Send out a monthly newsletter and update them on happened in your properties
  • Invite tenants to social parties or events

Things to Avoid When Showing Appreciation

It’s important to be aware that there are certain things you should avoid when practising tenant appreciation. Some of these are:

  • Don’t rip off tenants with higher rent
  • Don’t overcharge tenants for repairs
  • Don’t be too lenient with tenants that miss payments
  • Don’t be too rigid when it comes to contract renewals
  • Don’t be unresponsive to tenant requests or complaints
  • Don’t put off tenant maintenance requests

It’s important to remember that tenant appreciation is a continuous effort. While there are no guarantees that tenants will stay with you, implementing tenant appreciation initiatives will help to increase their loyalty.


The importance of regular tenant appreciation gestures cannot be underestimated. Landlords and property managers need to make sure they show appreciation for their tenants in order to strengthen their relationship and increase tenant satisfaction. By using the right gestures and keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind, landlords can ensure their tenants feel appreciated, thereby making their tenancy more successful and rewarding.

What are some examples of tenant appreciation gestures?

1. Send a thank you card or handwritten note.

2. Offer small gifts, such as gift cards or discount coupons.

3. Host a tenant appreciation event with refreshments or gift bags.

4. Give a discount to loyal tenants on their next rental payments or late fees.

5. Donate to a charity in the tenants’ name.

6. Offer a free cleaning or landscaping services.

7. Provide free Wi-Fi for a certain period.

8. Provide a free parking spot for a month or two.

9. Give a potted plant or flowers to tenants.

10. Provide a discount on future amenities such as laundry services.

What are some affordable ways to show tenant appreciation?

1. Create a tenant appreciation gift basket including coffee, snacks, and other small items.

2. Recognize tenants during their birthdays, anniversaries, or other special events with a card or small gift.

3. Offer tenants discounted or free services, such as parking in the building or free laundry services.

4. Hold tenant appreciation days with discounts or freebies for tenants.

5. Organize community potluck dinners, movie nights, or other social events for tenants.

6. Provide tenants with discounts or offers to local businesses or attractions.

7. Surprise tenants with small gifts or handwritten notes of appreciation.

8. Invite tenants to exclusive events such as seminars, talks, or success stories.

9. Offer tenants discounts on rental payments or other services.

10. Place baskets of fresh fruit or free caffeinated drinks near the entrance to the building or in common areas.

What should landlords do to show their appreciation to tenants?

1. Offer occasional gifts or special discounts.

2. Send thank you cards or postcards.

3. Schedule social events, such as potlucks or movie nights.

4. Offer small tokens of appreciation, such as free pizzas or coffee gift cards.

5. To show you’re more than willing to help, offer tenant discounts.

6. Provide residents with information about local deals or discounts for entertainment or services.

7. Give residents surprise treats or presents on their birthdays or anniversaries of living in your space.

8. Hold random giveaways or contests in order to show appreciation and build community.

9. Regularly update common areas or common amenities to show that you care about the tenant experience.

10. Provide additional services such as package delivery or transportation services.

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