The Role of Technology in Handling Maintenance Requests

Maintenance is a serious business and in certain organizations, certain activities must be properly handled in order to ensure proper functioning of their systems and equipment. The process of handling maintenance requests is tedious, time-consuming and involves several people. With the development of technology, the industry has to keep pace and incorporate the new tools to make the maintenance process easier and faster.

What Does Maintenance Entail?

Maintenance pertains to activities related to the management, repair and care of an organization’s equipment or systems. It might involve the use of human personnel or specialized technology to do these tasks. Maintenance requests can range from little tasks like paper jams to major tasks like link failure or damaged equipment. It is important to efficiently handle such requests no matter what size, in order to ensure the smooth running of the organization.

What is a Maintenance Request?

A maintenance request is a formal request made by the organization’s personnel asking for the organization to perform a certain activity in order to ensure the functioning of the equipment and systems. In most cases, the organization needs to respond within a specific time frame in order to efficiently handle the maintenance request.

How Does Technology Help in Handling Maintenance Requests?

Technology has made it easier to manage maintenance requests by automating the process. Technology can help in:

  • Sending out automated notifications when a request is made
  • Tracking and managing all the requests made
  • Organizing the requests in order of priority
  • Connecting the technician to the equipment or system in order to inspect and repair it
  • Providing reports on the status of all the maintenance requests, operational data and analytics
  • Giving a dashboard view of all the requests and their status
  • Monitoring and tracking the process to ensure timely completion
  • Generating timely reminders and alerts for regular maintenance
  • Getting instant feedback after completion of a maintenance process

What Technologies Are Used to Handle Maintenance Requests?

Various technologies are used to handle maintenance requests, such as:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) – This is a key enabling technology for real-time response time of equipment and protocol driven maintenance requests
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – It can be used for predictive maintenance and to better manage maintenance operations.
  • Cloud Computing – Cloud computing technologies allow organizations to integrate and manage multiple data sources in real time
  • Mobile Apps – Mobile apps allow technicians to access the information they need in the field in real time.
  • Data Analytics – Data analytics help organizations make better decisions by providing real-time data and insights.

What Are the Benefits of Using Technology to Handle Maintenance Requests?

Using technology to handle maintenance requests offers many benefits for an organization including:

  • Reduced maintenance costs due to better efficiency in handling requests
  • More accurate diagnosis and speedier resolution of issues
  • Ability to track and manage requests in real-time
  • More organized workflow
  • Reduced paper processes and improved accountability
  • Real-time insights into the performance of equipment and systems
  • Better safety for customers and employees
  • Improved customer experience


The use of technology in handling maintenance requests can greatly benefit any organization. The use of automated processes, cloud computing, mobile apps, data analytics and other technologies can make the handling of maintenance requests much faster and more efficient. The technology not only reduces maintenance costs, but also improves customer experience and increases safety. Technology is essential to keeping up with the demands of managing maintenance requests in today’s business world.

What are some of the benefits of using technology to manage maintenance requests?

1. Increased Efficiency: Technology solutions enable maintenance teams to become more efficient, as they can quickly create standardized tasks, prioritize requests, assign work orders, and track progress on maintenance tasks.

2. Improved Communication: Technology allows for improved communication between maintenance teams and customers. This allows customers to provide real-time feedback and makes it easier for supervisors to monitor and adjust requests as needed.

3. Cost Savings: Streamlining the maintenance process through technology can help reduce operational costs and ensure that teams don’t waste resources on unnecessary repairs.

4. Seamless Integration: Maintenance teams can use technology to connect their system to existing tools, such as accounting or customer service, to save time and simplify the process.

5. Automation: Automation through technology can allow maintenance teams to easily manage and automate tasks, creating more accuracy and reliability. This ensures that tasks are completed on time and quality levels are upheld.

What types of technology can be used to manage maintenance requests?

1. Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software: This software enables an organization to track, manage, and report on routine maintenance activities.

2. Barcode-scanning systems: These systems enable maintenance personnel to scan barcodes on work orders or tool tracking tags, aiding in efficient work tracking and maintenance management.

3. Online web-based portals: Portals such as those from WebTMA and Oracle allow tenants to submit work requests online, streamlining the maintenance request process.

4. Smartphone or tablet applications: Applications such as RealPage and Property Management 360 can be used to submit and manage maintenance requests by tenants in a quick and efficient manner.

5. Automated text and email notifications: Automating notifications of maintenance requests can help keep tenants updated on the status of their requests.

6. Data-driven predictive maintenance: Predictive maintenance analytics tools use data to anticipate when equipment maintenance is likely to be required based on past trends and analytics.

What are the advantages of using technology to manage maintenance requests?

1. Reduced Paperwork: Using technology to manage maintenance requests eliminates paper forms and manual processes. This reduces administrative costs and the need for manual filing.

2. Improved Record Keeping: Maintenance records are stored electronically, making them easier to access and reference. This improves record keeping and enables easy tracking of past maintenance activities.

3. Efficient Scheduling: Technology makes it easier to assign and schedule maintenance requests, reducing wait times and enabling quick response to urgent matters.

4. Improved Communications: Automated emails and messaging systems make communications faster and more efficient, allowing quicker resolution of maintenance issues.

5. Time and Cost Savings: Electronic maintenance tracking systems reduce human labor costs, making maintenance a more cost-effective and time-efficient solution.

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