Using Property Inspection Software: A Guide for Landlords

When it comes to managing rental properties, landlords have a lot on their plate, and there is only so much one person can do. Using property inspection software is a great way to simplify the process and ensure that everything is being taken care of properly. This guide will provide landlords with an overview of how property inspection software works, the benefits it has to offer, and the best tools to consider.

What is Property Inspection Software?

Property inspection software is a tool that helps landlords automate the process of inspecting their rental properties. It includes features such as defect tracking, checklists, reminders, and reports. Depending on the software, it can be accessed online or via a mobile app.

Benefits of Property Inspection Software

Using property inspection software offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Consistent Results: Performing regular property inspections can help landlords spot potential problems before they become serious issues. Property inspection software helps to ensure that all inspections are performed in a consistent manner and that nothing is missed.
  • Time-Saving: Automating the process of inspecting rental properties is more efficient than doing it manually. Property inspection software allows landlords to save a lot of time and keep better track of their rental properties.
  • Better Record-Keeping: Having accurate records is essential for landlords, and property inspection software helps to ensure that this is a breeze. All data can be stored in a central location, which makes it easy to review and retrieve.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Property inspection software is often available via a mobile app, so landlords can access their records and perform inspections on the go.

How to Choose the Best Property Inspection Software

When selecting property inspection software, landlords should keep a few things in mind:

  • Features: Not all property inspection software is created equal, so be sure to select a tool that has all of the features you need, such as defect tracking, checklists, and reports.
  • Budget: Figure out how much you’re willing to spend on software. When comparing different options, keep an eye on the price and make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.
  • Usability: How easy is the software to use? Look for a tool that’s intuitive and doesn’t require a lot of technical know-how.
  • Customer Support: In case you run into any problems while using the software, it’s important to have good customer support. Especially if you’re getting started with property inspection software for the first time, good customer support can really come in handy.

Popular Property Inspection Software Options

Here are a few of the most popular property inspection software options for landlords to consider:

  • Happy Inspector: This property inspection app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It provides users with an easy-to-use interface and a range of features, such as defect tracking, checklists, and reports.
  • Matterport: Matterport is a cloud-based platform that allows landlords to perform virtual inspections with 3D images. It includes features such as live streaming, 360-degree photos, and insights.
  • Sunny Inspection: Sunny Inspection is a comprehensive property inspection tool that includes features such as defect tracking, checklists, photos, and reports. It also allows landlords to communicate with their tenants on the go.

Important Considerations for Landlords

Using property inspection software is a great way for landlords to keep track of their rental properties and stay on top of maintenance. However, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind when using the software:

  • Be sure to read through the software’s terms and conditions before signing up. Some software may require a long-term contract or require you to pay extra for additional features.
  • Be aware of any data privacy concerns that may come up when using the software. Some software may require you to provide personal information, which could be shared with third parties.
  • Make sure you understand what features are included in the software and check to see if there are any hidden fees.
  • Make sure that the software is compatible with your rental properties. Some software may only be compatible with certain types of properties.

Keep Property Records in Order with Property Inspection Software

Property inspection software is an invaluable tool for landlords who want to stay on top of their rental properties. Not only does it help to ensure that the properties are being properly maintained, but it also makes it easy to keep track of records. By using one of the software options outlined above, landlords can enjoy the benefits that property inspection software has to offer.


Using property inspection software is a great way for landlords to manage their rental properties and stay on top of any problems that may arise. With so many different software options available, it’s important to research and select the one that best meets your needs. When done correctly, property inspection software can help landlords save time, keep better records, and ensure that their rental properties are in compliance with all regulations.

What are the benefits of using property inspection software for landlords?

1. Increased Efficiency: Property inspection software can automate tedious, time-consuming tasks to allow landlords to focus their time and energy on the more important things, like tenant retention and property maintenance.

2. Improved Accuracy: Property inspectors can utilize custom drop lists and checkboxes to ensure consistency from inspection to inspection. This helps guarantee that all relevant issues are addressed.

3. Increased Documentation: Professional-grade property inspection software helps ensure landlords have records of all inspections that can be easily accessed, stored, and shared with tenant, authorities, or other parties.

4. Better Safety: On-site property inspection software can alert landlords to hazardous conditions before they become bigger problems. This helps landlords prevent costly repairs, fines, and lawsuits.

5. Cost Savings: Property inspection software can help landlords save time, money, and stress. Automating routine tasks and thoroughly documenting inspections, landlords can make sure all issues are addressed the first time, minimizing long-term costs.

What features are typically included in property inspection software for landlords?

1. Scheduling and Reminders: Property inspection software for landlords typically includes features that enable users to easily schedule upcoming inspections and set reminders so they can stay organized and on track with their regular maintenance tasks.

2. Automated Reporting: Reports can be generated automatically for inspections, providing landlords with detailed information, such as any maintenance or repair issues discovered during the inspection.

3. Document Storage: Property inspection software usually includes features to store and organize documents related to the properties, such as reports, photographs, receipts, and other documentation.

4. Integration With Other Software: Property inspection software typically has the ability to integrate with other software, such as accounting and expense management tools, allowing landlords to easily keep track of their finances.

5. Tenant Management: The software usually includes features to help landlords manage their tenants, such as sending out automatic rent reminders or tracking lease agreements.

What are the benefits of using property inspection software for landlords?

1. Improved Efficiency: Using property inspection software can improve efficiency by streamlining tasks and helping automate mundane inspections and reporting.

2. Accurate Record Keeping: All data gathered with property inspection software can be accurately archived and stored for future use. This helps to reduce clutter and ensure accuracy when making decisions about a property or tenant.

3. Increased Visibility: Property inspection software can provide landlords with visibility into a property at all times, enabling them to identify any issues before they become major problems.

4. Automated Reminders: Property inspection software can automate reminder emails and notifications to tenants regarding upcoming inspection dates and times. This ensures inspections occur regularly and no tasks are missed.

5. Comprehensive Reporting: Property inspection software can generate detailed reports quickly and easily. This helps landlords to better manage budgets and track performance of the property over time.

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