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When to Consider Major Repairs or Renovations

Home repairs and renovations are inevitable. Whether you want to boost the resale value of your home or make it more suited to your needs, sometimes you just can’t get away with only of simple, quick fixes. More often than not, you’ll need to consider major repairs or renovations around your home. Before you jump into them, it’s important to consider which home repairs or renovations are truly necessary and cost-effective.

Evaluate With a Professional

The importance of getting a professional to inspect your home, at least annually, cannot be overstated. The sooner any repairs and renovations are done, the better as they’ll often be more cost-effective and provide greater peace of mind. If you’re considering major repairs to your home and aren’t sure exactly what’s needed, a professional can inspect the home and determine what should be done, and give you their opinion on the cheapest and most effective way for you to take care of any issues present in your home.

Weigh Out the Cost

If you’re considering major repairs or renovations to improve the resale value of your home, it’s important to weigh out the cost of the repairs or renovations against the resulting value gain. If the repairs or renovations aren’t cost-effective, it’s likely not worth doing them to increase the resale value of your home. You should also take into consideration how long you plan to live in the property, as any repairs or renovations that will add to your daily living experience may be worthwhile even if they don’t boost the resale value of the home.

Consider the Foundation

If the foundation of your home is an issue, it’s often worth making the investment to repair it, regardless of whether you plan to stay in the property for a long time. While foundation repairs are often expensive, if the repairs are necessary, they could save a lot of money and headaches in the long run as foundation issues can easily develop and become expensive problems that spread throughout the rest of the home.

Cosmetic Value

It’s not just the structural repairs or renovations that should be taken into consideration. Renovations and repairs that improve the aesthetics of the home, such as painting or renovating a kitchen or bathroom, can also be cost-effective ways to add to both the resale value of your home and the daily living experience.

Heating and Cooling

Small repairs to heating and cooling systems are normal and are often done out of necessity. If the heating and cooling system of the home is outdated or requires an excessive amount of repairs, it may be worth considering replacing it. The costs associated with replacing or upgrading the heating or cooling system would be an investment in both the resale value of the property and in the daily living experience.

How To Lower Cost of Repairs and Renovations?

The best way to minimize the cost of repairs or renovations is to make sure the preventive maintenance and repairs are done as soon as necessary. Regular checkups on pipes, insulation, foundation, electrical, and other systems is essential to know if any repairs need to be done before a larger problem arises.

Safety and Comfort

No matter how cost-effective the repairs and renovations may be, you should always prioritize safety and comfort. It’s important to have a licensed professional inspect any safety issues with the home to make sure it’s safe for the occupants. Additionally, it’s important to prioritize renovations and repairs that will improve the daily living experience and the comfort of the home.

When is the Best Time?

The best time to begin major repairs or renovations is when they’re necessary. After you have major inspections done, you can use the results of the inspection to come up with a plan for any necessary renovations or repairs. It’s also best to plan and execute repairs or renovations during a period of time when you won’t be significantly disrupted. For instance, if you’re renovating the kitchen, make sure to plan it for when you’ll have the least need of it.

The Benefits of Major Repairs or Renovations

There are several benefits of making major repairs or renovations to a home.

  • They can increase the resale value of the home.
  • They can improve the daily living experience for the occupants.
  • They can improve the safety of the home.
  • They can reduce the number of future repairs that need to be done.

What Kinds of Repairs and Renovations?

Major repairs and renovations can range from making safety alterations or structural improvements, such as plumbing and electrical repairs, to aesthetics and design changes like painting or installing new windows and doors. You should always prioritize the repairs or renovations that are necessary for the safety and security of the home before any aesthetic changes.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Taking On Major Repairs or Renovations

  • Does this change or improvement add notable value to the home?
  • Is it cost-effective to make this repair or renovation?
  • Does this need to be done in order to meet safety regulations?
  • Is this repair or renovation necessary in order to improve daily living experience?

When to Postpone Major Repairs or Renovations?

If major repairs and renovations aren’t necessary right away, it might be best to postpone them. This is especially true if you’re considering repairs or renovations that don’t necessarily increase the resale value of the home. It may be best to wait until the “right time” to make the changes, as that can sometimes be a much more cost-effective way of making repairs and renovations.


Making major repairs and renovations to your home can be a costly and time-consuming process. It’s important to know when it’s necessary to make those repairs and renovations, and if they’ll ultimately result in any significant value or improvement to the property. If you know when to consider major repairs and renovations, you’ll be better prepared to make the decision without going over budget.

What home renovations add the most value?

1. Kitchen Remodel – updating cabinets, countertops, appliances, and flooring

2. Adding a Bathroom – lengthens the time it takes to sell and helps to accommodate larger families

3. Exterior Updates – painting, replacing the siding, and adding new windows

4. Extra Living Space – creating an additional bedroom or bathroom, building a deck, or finishing a basement

5. Sprucing Up Curb Appeal – updating landscaping, installing new garage doors, and repainting trim

6. Energy-Efficient Upgrades – replacing old windows, adding insulation, and installing renewable energy sources Such as solar panels.

What are the most profitable home renovations?

1. Kitchen remodel

2. Bathroom remodel

3. Bedroom addition

4. Finish an attic or basement

5. Add a deck or patio

6. Replace your windows

7. Install energy-efficient upgrades

8. Add a second floor

9. Update your landscape

10. Install a home automation system

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